Encouraging Thought Cards

Encouraging Thought Cards
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    This is a boxed set of 12 cards and envelopes, 3 of each variety. The top image is the box top. The following images are of each card. The cards have various pictures inside (pictures are similar to those on the front of the card), sentiments (on the inside right), and verses (on the inside left.)
    FEAR NOT - Sentiment: If the days ahead look dark, remember to turn to the Light. He will be your guide. Trust in Him  Verse: Psalm 71:12

    LET YOUR FAITH - Sentiment: May God grant you the courage to face the future and may His perfect love cast out your fears. You are not alone! Verse: Psalm 71:1

    BE STILL - Sentiment: When life looks overwhelming and you feel you can't go on, just bring your cares to Jesus and exchange them for a song. He cares for you. Verse: Psalm 6:9

    ONLY GOD - Sentiment: May God sustain you and turn your burdens into blessings. Praying for you. Verse: 2 Cor.4:17 

    Card Size: Approx. 6 1/5" x 4 3/4"
    Fear Not:
    Let Your Faith:
    Be Still:
    Only God: